Style Guide

Welcome to the Territory style guide. This page is not to give you a feel of how your piece might look when published (live issues will do a better job of that). Instead, we want to provide semi-technical details about our layout to inform your personal sense of how you want your piece to be designed.

This guide is for our default design. For links to examples of pages with more customized design, see below. Maybe we've already built a solution for the thing you have in mind, in which case you can reference a specific page when you make your request.

Titles are in the Brandon Grotesque font family, styled thin, uppercase, and 30px. Author names are the same but 24px. Subtitles and dedications are in the Minion Pro font family, and are italicized. Examples follow.

An Example of a Story Title

Subtitles Are Optional

Piri Reis

so are dedications

A Story Title With No Subtitle

An Author Name With No Dedication

The actual body design of your piece depends on the nature of the piece. Visual art obviously has different layout considerations than a short story. Because we are primarily publishing textual-visual hybrids, the designs below represent the conventions of these/those spaces.

1. An Example of a Section Header

This is an example of a standard paragraph. It should give you a good sense of what published prose will look like. We hard code the font to 24px and 1.4 line spacing for easy, clean reading. Bold, italics, underlines, strikethroughs, and overlines look like this. We can make other effects too, e.g. changing color on hover. Links look like this.

Blockquotes are 21px, 1.2 line spacing, and indented 4em on the right and left. Quote attribution, if not obvious from the context will be attributed as a citation or an endnote, the latter of which will link to the Notes section with a superscript number like so.1

For more on endnotes, follow this one.2

Between sections we'll place a horizonal rule, which is a 25x25 greyed out version of our not-equivalent-to logo.

2. Another Example of a Section Header

Sometimes people will have design reasons for omitting this logo, e.g. pictures between sections, which is cool.

We place images in a few different ways:

  1. Full-page width
  2. Full-column width, between paragraphs
  3. Not full-column width, floated within paragraphs, offset and breaking outside the column margins.

For examples of each, see below.

1. Full-page width

Examples of More Customized Designs

  • Full page, two-panes

Some pieces will make use of endnotes. We offset these with a small title.


1. Endnotes are 21px and 1.1 line spacing, similar to blockquotes, but without the margins. [ back ]

2. As a default, endnotes are numbered and end with a link back to the superscript number in the body of the text. [ back ]

Bios are centered within the main column and given 25% margin on the right and left. Their font details are the same as endnotes and citations, but the paragraphs are justified on both margins. We ask the writers provide less than 50 words about themselves, a location, and less than 100 words about that location, and we pin these on the map you see below.