In The Art of Fiction, John Gardner observed that there are only two types of stories: a hero leaves the nest or a stranger comes to town. The joke, of course, is that these stories are one and the same.

For our ninth issue, Journeys, we are looking for work that reimagines and reinterprets these stories, work that challenges the primacy they have on our narratives, work that engages with the geography of movement or with the movement of geography. Consider the many possible journeys and their maps: adventures, discoveries, excursions, expeditions, explorations, odysseys, homecomings, tours, travels, traffickings, pilgrimages, crusades, voyages, walkabouts, wanderlusts, migrations, immigrations, diasporas, exoduses, exiles, transitions, translations, transpositions, transformations, the Prodigal Son, the Hero’s Journey, the Great Migration, the Middle Passage, white flight, the moonshot, the maiden voyage, the never-ending, the doomed, the quixotic, the refuge, the junket, the tour, the road trip, the acid trip, the hunt, the quest, the crossing, the ascension, the descent.

Issue IX will be published October 2018. To learn how to contribute, read our submissions guidelines.