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Mark Ehling is a writer and artist living in Edina, Minnesota. His stories, comics, plays, and films have appeared widely, and he is the author of a book of short stories, River Dead of Minneapolis Scavenged by Teenagers.

Stephen McClurg is a teacher and writer in Birmingham, Alabama. He currently writes Test Prep, a column about horror movies, for The Terror Test podcast, available at Eunoia Solstice.

Litchfield, Illinois
39.1753° N, 89.6543° W

My co-creator, Stephen McClurg, wrote the text for this piece based on his experience with the social media application, Nextdoor, in his own city of Birmingham, Alabama. I, too, interact with the same social media application in my own city of Edina, Minnesota. The map seen here in the graphic text called "Nextdoor" is a painted-over map of my own neighborhood as it appears in Nextdoor, the app. According to a web page called "Let's Meet in the Middle" (found at the website,, the exact midpoint between Stephen's house and my house, as the crow flies, is a city in Illinois called Litchfield. Therefore the events depicted herein take place in Litchfield, Illinois, 39.1753° N, 89.6543° W.