The underworld is really our world. We can take its meaning in a more classical sense (the mythical abode of the dead, accessed through a volcanic crack of rock somewhere or other in the Mediterranean) or we can take it more literally (what is actually under our world, under our cities' skin, the core, crust and mantle upon which we unknowingly walk). But either way, when we map and schematize and cross-section what’s below, we also implicitly outline our own values and orders: the arrangement of souls according to their conduct in life, the mining or fracking of a resource to serve our needs above, the network of tunnels and sewers and utility lines that carry the expenditures of a city. As above, so below. What ramifications then does the underworld hold for us, given our own attempts to map and vivisect it? If we look toward the underworld, toward under the world, as a space of the future—where we end up, where we’ll find the raw material to keep us powered—what sort of future does the underworld have planned for us?