Editor Spotlights

To give you a better sense of our editorial tastes and what we're interested in publishing, here is a spotlight on each of our editors.

Thomas Mira y Lopez

Nick Greer

My tastes gravitate towards the maximal, intense, and surreal. My favorite art is motivated by more than just representing reality, but in revising it too. My favorite writing takes joy in exploring the possibilities of language. As an editor, I want to see work that is deliberate and singular. I’m especially interested in writing that considers the reciprocal relationship between content and form. A question I always ask: why does this story need to be told in this particular way?

Some favorites: Michael Ondaatje, Cathy Park Hong, Ben Mirov, N. Katherine Hayles, Roland Barthes, Mary Ruefle, Jorge Luis Borges, Denis Johnson, Simon Hanselmann, Dean Young, Thomas Pynchon, Joy Williams, Don Delillo, Michael DeForge, Brian Blanchfield. Recently, I’ve been interested in comics and illustration, essays about art, and novels about seemingly nothing.

House A
Jennifer S. Cheng
Weed Monks
Chris Dankland
Safiya Sinclair
Jamie Hernandez
Renata Adler

Gabriel Jesiolowski, poetry

Kelly Morse, poetry